CR faith at home

Welcome to the CRFaith@Home Online Resource Center. Here you can browse the various resources available to you and your family. At Crossridge, we love kids and know that families are messy. Our heart is to help equip and give you tools to help support in the chaos that is raising up kids.

Below you can follow the path and view various videos that explain the various steps along the faith path by clicking on the stone you are interested in. To the right you can download and view the various kits for faith path.

To watch the Faith Path overview video click HERE.


Download information related to each step below.


Parent Dedication Guide

Blessing Guide

Family Time Guide

Prepare to lead your child to Christ Guide

Prayer Guide

Bible Guide

Worship Guide

Giving & Serving Guide

Spiritual Gifts Assesment

Preparing for Adolescence Guide

Purity Guide

Purity Video - Parent with Teen

Rite of Passage Guide

Launch Guide

Salvation and Baptism Guide