Crossridge Children's Ministry


The CRkids programs meet during both Sunday morning Services. We value teaching our children about God's love through stories, songs, and play from an early age. At Crossridge we have several rooms designed to meet the needs of specific age groups, where kids will feel safe, valued, and loved. 

At Crossridge the safety and security of your child is very important to us. To help with that we have several security measures in place including a check-in station where your children will receive a printed name tag with a matching parent receipt with an identification number you can use to pick up your child after the service. If you are planning on joining us for the first time we have trained staff at the check-in table who will happy to walk you through the process.

Nursery: Each Sunday your infants and toddlers can expect to be feel welcomed, loved, and safe. Greeted with a smile by our trained infant and toddler leaders who are committed to sharing the love of God with your child through engaging activities and play.

Pre-School: Each Sunday your preschooler will experience leaders who are working to share bible stories in a way that is fun, easy to remember, and applicable to their age.

1-5: Each Sunday during first service your first through 5th graders will experience the bible in a way that is geared for them. We will engage them through music, art, stories and activities!

K-2: Each Sunday during second service your kindergarten and second graders will experience a team of leaders who are dedicated to helping kids learn and experience the stories of the Bible through music, art, and engaging activities!

3-5: Each Sunday during second service your third through fifth grader can expect to experience the Bible in a way that is geared just for them! Through opportunities for fun, music, art, learning, growth, and "big picture" ideas from the Bible.